The Project

Genuino is an ambitious project developed in a partnership between Alegro and Pedro Gomes Design. A truly Genuine project that embraces Design and the Portuguese Industry in a 100% Portuguese innovation journey.

The Alegro Setúbal opening was the challenge proposed to create a case study based on an holistic approach, where Pedro Gomes Design was responsible for the food court zone, indoor and outdoor signage, lighting, digital directory, digital table design and the exclusive Alegro furniture line.


Hey Friends! I’m Alegro. A shopping center full of life. A privileged space to do shopping but also to work, learn, share ideas and emotions. I love my Clients and that’s why I’m open 365 days per year. Or 366, sometimes. I’m always waiting for you! Welcome! We’re all Alegro.

Pedro Gomes Design.

Founded by Designer & Entrepreneur Pedro Gomes, we are a energic award-winning studio based in Portugal – Aveiro.

In love with design challenges and passionate about strategy we have been working with renowned International brands on the design development and communication of brand building products and experiences.
Our design philosophy is translated in innovative & embracing storytelling experiences that flow through all design process stages and holistic communication strategies that empower our clients & products market success. Always looking for the next big challenge our work ranges from industrial design, footwear & soft goods, product brand strategy to concept envisioning.

The atelier

A creative and holistic process that brought together an inspiring network of partners.

100% Portuguese



Genuino isn’t just an unique furniture brand, Genuino is a story of innovation, a 100% portuguese industrial collaboration, and a fantastic team who master the art of their craft.

We’re proud to present an original, human and 100% portuguese brand. The Genuino products were designed to improve the user experience in Alegro Setúbal and other Alegro spaces, but we didn’t want to stop there… We want to share all the Genuino collection with you, having all the products now available online and in stores throughout Portugal.


More than a furniture line, Genuino is an emotional dialect of stories to tell.

Little details

A project where every detail matters.

Food court


Digital Gourmet, a noble and interactive space to explore.


A space dedicated to friends and family moments.


A lounge space concept, to relax and enjoy.