A genuine process.

The Process gives life to any project; for its magic, the people involved and the small or big steps taken until the final result. With a strategic approach very much associated with the Industry, the Genuino project was an unique approach to food court spaces.

Betting on Portuguese Design and its integration on the holistic experience of the Alegro Setúbal Space and brand, the Genuino project distinguished itself with its unique expression, exclusive design and integrated approach between the Portuguese Design and Industry.

The creative process

As with any project, the process starts with a strategic analysis of the opportunities and challenges the project offered.

The mapping and sketching of the process was essential to make sure the necessary structures were available to continue developing and integrating the strategy and language of the project.


The power of ideas on Paper.
Where the ideas start taking shape.


Visualization and mapping of ideas and languages.


A process with a close bond with the industry.

- the brand

We liked the products so much we wanted to make them available to everyone. So we created a brand as human as the products.


Design takes from the Industry and the Industry takes from Design.
This was a truly Genuine project. A team of people and companies that ensure the developing and production of all the Genuino – Alegro Setúbal collection.

With a Portuguese network located on Aveiro, Braga, Lisbon and Paços de Ferreira, the Pedro Gomes Design studio was responsible for linking the Design and the Industrial side of all the project.


An unique material, noble and sustainable.


A better choice for more resistance on food court areas.


Drawn with precision and attention to details.


The magic and care of the industry and the artisan.


Thought of and worked until the very last detail.